Amplified Nation



Legendary clean-leads

  • 150/75w (4 x 6550) - $5199

  • 150w 4×6550 power section
  • Single channel with FET input or FET level on the front
  • Three-tube reverb
  • High and Low 6-position EQ Filters
  • Half power
  • Passive Effects loop
  • Footswitch for FET, Preamp Boost, and Reverb-off
  • Size: 24 W x 11.75 T x 10.75 D
  • Weight: 55lbs

The Amplified Nation Steel String Singer is modeled after Steel String Singer #005, originally built for Eric Johnson and now owned by Carlos Santana. This version of the SSS is 4 x 6550 150w, and the power section is articulate, punchy, and stays clean to very high levels of volume. The amp has three-tube reverb, a cathode follower driver, send and return reverb controls, six-position hi/low tone filters, half power with LED indicator, bright and deep boosts, and a rock/jazz EQ switch. 

When first plugging into the big SSS, you will experience punch like you won’t believe. The sonic footprint of the 150w amp is huge. The bass is tight and defined, with soaring “clean-lead” SRV tones. While most guitar amps only sustain while using overdrive, the SSS clean sustain is extraordinary. The SSS will also flip notes into feedback without overdrive. It is a remarkable experience to play one of these amps. The tones are HI-FI and three-dimensional; the clean tones that the SSS provides are unmatched. Preamp boost and FET (additional gain stage) are built into the amp and are included on the footswitch.

Our Singer is carefully built into a 22.25" powdercoated chassis, which is a great size for an amp.  It's massive presence is both audible and physical but can still fit on top of a 1x12 cabinet.  We think SSS #005 was the most versatile version, and there are a lot of different tones in the amp that are easily dialed in.  You will be floored by the beauty of the reverb and the silky smooth clean tones that thrive at any volume level.  The amp can also take KT88 tubes.