Amplified Nation

Dumble Style Headshells

  • Two Styles – Crossbar or aluminum framed baffle
  • Internal chassis mount rails 
  • Oval back panel cutout
  • Cabinets are drilled for amps prior to assembly
  • 18mm baltic birch with 12mm back panels
  • Threaded inserts mount back panels with machine screws
  • Virtually any choice of tolex or suede

Tolex $349

Suede $399

Headshells are made to order and are offered in two different styles in a variety of textures.  We have built hundreds of these shells and worked hard to refine the design and achieve excellent results.  These headshells allow our customers a great way to give their amp a new look or mount their DIY build.  Our two different styles include the more traditional “crossbar” cabinet with a horizontal bar dividing the cabinet, and the earlier generation “non-crossbar” cabinet with an aluminum-frame baffle.

We are currently only building aftermarket for Dumble style or authentic Dumble amps.  We have chassis mount layouts for Two Rock, Bludotone, Sebago Sound, Mark Kane, builders using the CE style, or the Amplified Nation Dumble Style Chassis.  You will not find a nicer cabinet for your amp.  We ship worldwide.

Amplified Nation
1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

Tolex $449

Suede $529

Through the years we have tried various dimensions and port sizes to achieve a big and articulate sound from our 1×12 cabinets. Through our experimentation, we’ve succeeded. Constructed with voidless imported baltic birch and 1/2 baltic birch baffle and back panel, these cabinets are heavy duty and pack a lot of punch. We offer the 1×12 in sizes from 21.5″ – 24″ wide and have carefully tuned the open back port for even bass response and sound dispersion.

These cabinets are known for their “big sound from a small package” and flawless construction. We offer the 1×12 in any of our coverings, from tolex, to suede, to carbon fiber, and also choice of hardware. The cabinet comes with mounting screws for the speaker of your choice and wiring is also included. Back panels are mounted with threaded inserts and machine screws.

Standard dimensions are 21.5″ x 18″ x 12″, Oversized 24″ x 18″ x 12″


Amplified Nation
2 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

Tolex $599

Suede $749

When you need more volume, bigger sound, or the bigger presence of a 2×12 cabinet, look no further than the 2×12 speaker cabinet from Amplified Nation. These cabinets come in a few different styles, horizontal, vertical, or we can even build you a diagonal mount cabinet. The 2×12 is our favorite when it comes to capturing big powerful sound, and we’ve really knocked it out of the park in the ability to build one size cabinet that works with virtually any combination of speakers.

Like our 1×12, the 2×12 is available in tolex, carbon fiber, or suede. We included speaker wiring and mounting hardware and can work with you on any customization you might have. Back panels are mounted with threaded inserts and machine screws.

Standard dimensions are 29″ x 21.5″ x 12″.