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Since 2009, Amplified Nation has specialized in custom building and customizing cabinets  for guitar and bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and vintage equipment.  We work with some of the top names in the industry to produce unmatched quality products and one of a kind showpieces!

Our in house wood shop manufactures our custom cabinets using marine grade materials.  Many of our designs are unique and many borrow styles from the legendary products that have given back great tones to musicians for years.  We cover our cabinets with the highest quality tolex and vinyl, suede, and other custom coverings.  Our quality and craftsmanship is second to none!

Amplified Nation provides work for professional boutique builders, touring musicians and bands, hobby builders, and everyone in between. We have over 20 years of experience working with musical equipment.
Local drop off is available and we accept shipments everyday.  All work is done in house, and perfection is non-negotiable. 
We sign and serialize all of our builds.

Our Services include: Custom Built Cabinets, Replica Dumble Cabinets, Tolex and Suede Recovers, Grill Replacement, and much more!

Amplified Nation is a licensed Massachusetts business and our shop is located 20 minutes from Boston. 


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Looking for a good Rack? We customize those too!

Amp Nation in Action

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What People Are Saying About Amp Nation

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"I have had Amplified Nation build me multiple BadCat styled heads and combos and I have been extremely pleased with everything about them.  The craftsmanship is fantastic, the durability is second to none and the sound is killer.  I like funky colors, light cut outs and sparkle tolex. Taylor and crew are always up to the challenge. You know you have found a winner in a cab company when you are constantly getting asked who made that killer looking cab."

-Michael Blakemore


“Over the last year or two I’ve come to know Taylor and his lovely wife Alyson who run Amplified Nation.  They are truly great people to work with: prompt, quality work, always on time, always fairly priced, and just plain great folks to work with.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other manufacturers, aspiring amp builders, and players who want quality re-covering, cabinet reproductions, or repair/restoration of a loved one.” 

-Andy Fuchs, Fuchs Audio Technology           



“Most all of my Dumble and Two Rock amps had suede covered enclosures from their original dates of manufacture.   

It's definitely superior to tolex covering. I know this from playing the same old Dumbles since the late 70's, for over 30 years of

hard treatment on the road, and at home.          

 Played hard and put to bed wet; suede is the best amp covering that I know. 

 I had Taylor recover the enclosures of 3 of my amps, which were previously covered with tolex, with three different colors of suede.  

He did a magnificent and impeccable job of doing this work for me.

 He gets an AAA+++ in my rating system. This kind of recovering is not a simple or easy task; you can put your trust in Taylor.

                                      - Henry Kaiser                                        




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