Amplified Nation was founded in 2009, offering vintage amplifier repair and restoration services out of a small one room shop in Boston, MA. Soon after, we began to build and manufacture our own custom cabinetry, boutique guitar amplifiers, and effects pedals. At Amplified Nation, we love tone and overdrive, so naturally much of our passion through the years led us to Dumble amplifiers; our suede cabinetry and smooth overdriven amps are prime examples.

We handwire all amps and pedals in our shop, one at a time. We have built hundreds of cabinets and amplifiers and we partner with many of the best amp builders and musicians in the world. Among the many reasons people choose to work with Amplified Nation is our attention to detail, our passion to build the finest musical gear in the industry, and our customer service.

Please contact us to speak about custom builds or any of our product lines. We've done more work than we could showcase on one website, so if there is something you want to see, feel free to email us and we can send you pictures. We will build that dream rig you have in your head!


Amplified Nation amplifiers are hand built one at a time, at our shop in Massachusetts. We work with our customers to discover the sound they are looking for, and while we work to find how that sound fits with our lineup, we tune and customize the amps in our lineup to suit their needs. Our amplifiers are built to last, and with our in-house custom cabinet shop, we make them look as incredible as they sound. Our amps range in power from 22w to 150w.

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Through our effects, Amplified Nation continues to provide extremely customized pedal designs that are in a class all by themselves. Our Big Bloom Overdrive is shipped worldwide to players craving a Dumble type overdriven sound in a small package. With choices ranging from suede, to hammered painted finishes, tolex, and marine vinyl, we can catch the eye of almost any player. Our effects are 100% made by hand in our Massachusetts shop.

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Amplified Nation cabinets is where we began our quest in building top end guitar gear. We work without a CNC machine, creating each headshell, speaker cab, rack, or anything in between by hand. We aren’t a high volume shop, we enjoy building smaller runs of the highest quality cabinets, or even custom one offs, or sets. Our cabinet line not only is “Custom Shop” quality…we actually are the Custom Shop cabinet provider to many of today’s top amp builders.

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Our customers say it best:
  • Most all of my Dumble and Two Rock amps had suede covered enclosures from their original dates of manufacture. It's definitely superior to tolex covering. I know this from playing the same old Dumbles since the late 70's, for over 30 years of hard treatment on the road, and at home. Played hard and put to bed wet; suede is the best amp covering that I know. I had Taylor recover the enclosures of 3 of my amps, which were previously covered with tolex, with three different colors of suede. He did a magnificent and impeccable job of doing this work for me. He gets an AAA+++ in my rating system. This kind of recovering is not a simple or easy task; you can put your trust in Taylor. –Henry Kaiser

  • I’ve known Taylor at Amplified Nation for a few years now. He and his lovely wife are the nicest people to do business with, and he’s become a valuable resource to Fuchs Audio for custom projects, tolex recovering, restorations and prototypes. I highly recommend him, but only if you like prompt service, reasonable prices, and quality work…. –Andy Fuchs, Fuchs Audio Technology

  • Amplified Nation is my ‘go to’ for any cabinet recovering / cabinet repairing work as well as for one-off exotic material custom covered cabinets we may need. Taylor’s quality of work is second to none and he’s a really nice guy to deal with –Alan Phillips, Carol-Ann Custom Amplifiers, LLC

  • I've been working with Taylor since shortly after he started. He is always up for a new challenge and has never told me "NO". I've been very satisfied with everything we've done together. His work is precise and always on time, always. I recommend Taylor highly!! –Mark Kane