An Interview with Taylor Cox

Learn more about our amplifiers and story from the Founder and CEO Taylor Cox

Amplified Nation is a boutique guitar amplifier manufacturer located just outside of Boston MA. We began our quest for tone by offering vintage amplifier restoration and repair. We quickly graduated to opening our own custom cabinet shop for amplifier enthusiasts and hobby builders. Soon after, we started designing and selling our own tube guitar amplifiers. Our products emulate the sounds of legendary artists and pay homage to the rarest and most sought-after amplifiers ever created. With relentless attention to detail and a firm commitment to the customer experience we have connected with thousands of people across the world.

Currently we operate out of Hudson, MA with all products designed and handmade by master builder Taylor Cox. Taylor has been playing guitar his entire life and has extensive knowledge and experience with authentic Dumble amplifiers. He is well known in the boutique guitar gear industry and highly regarded as one of the finest guitar amplifier builders. Taylor’s wife Alyson is a valuable asset to Amplified Nation, spearheading our marketing, graphic design, and helping with artist relations.

Our customers include guitar players of all abilities; from world-touring artists to weekend warriors and at-home players. After discovering the high end world of guitar gear, customers choose Amplified Nation with the confidence they will get an exceptional product both visually and sonically, and they find comfort in our flawless record of integrity.

We invite you to browse the site and peruse our product line. If there is something else you are looking for, or want to discuss any of the products or options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to helping you get one step closer to discovering your ideal guitar tone.

Thank you

Amplified Nation


Amplified Nation amplifiers are hand built one at a time, at our shop in Massachusetts. We work with our customers to discover the sound they are looking for, and while we work to find how that sound fits with our lineup, we tune and customize the amps in our lineup to suit their needs. Our amplifiers are built to last, and with our in-house custom cabinet shop, we make them look as incredible as they sound. Our amps range in power from 22w to 150w.


Through our effects, Amplified Nation continues to provide extremely customized pedal designs that are in a class all by themselves. Our Big Bloom Overdrive is shipped worldwide to players craving a Dumble type overdriven sound in a small package. With choices ranging from suede, to hammered painted finishes, tolex, and marine vinyl, we can catch the eye of almost any player. Our effects are 100% made by hand in our Massachusetts shop.


Amplified Nation cabinets is where we began our quest in building top end guitar gear. We work without a CNC machine, creating each headshell, speaker cab, rack, or anything in between by hand. We aren't a high volume shop, we enjoy building smaller runs of the highest quality cabinets, or even custom one offs, or sets. Our cabinet line not only is "Custom Shop" quality...we actually are the Custom Shop cabinet provider to many of today's top amp builders.