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New custom shop piece. Loving these knobs! What do we name the new grille cloth? ...

This was a fun one…thank you @mitch.gallagher @rj_ronquillo @sweetwatersound - link in story! ...

Another new demo we made @sweetwatersound want to learn the story of the Ampliphonix and Gain? Link to the full video in our story! ...

Check out the newest demo on the Overdrive Reverb with @mitch.gallagher @rj_ronquillo and @sweetwatersound! Link in story ...

Had a great time @sweetwatersound with @mitch.gallagher and @rj_ronquillo talking about our product line. What amp is right for you? Click the link in story to find out! ...

Very excited to announce a partnership with Amplified Nation and @sweetwatersound ! Our amps are available now on their site. Watch the new video in our story to find out which one is right for you! ...

We are loving the new demos from @thestudiorats check out the latest video of the Wonderland Overdrive 50w tube rectified head - link in our story!! ...

We are loving the tones from @matthewscott92 and the Steel String Singer in his newest video! Link in story ...

Great new Dumble feature from @matthewscott92 featuring our Steel String Singer! Link in story 🔥 ...


There are countless options in the boutique guitar amplifier industry. There are so many different style amps, countless voicings, and even more designers and builders. It’s important to find a trusted partner when you are trying to find a new tone; and definitely when commissioning a new amp build. You need to be confident the company you choose can deliver results.

Our amplifiers are based on hands-on knowledge. We have spent thousands of hours becoming acquainted with legendary vintage amplifiers, experiencing their sonic and timbral characteristics, and getting intimate with the electronics. We’ve borrowed some ideas from these elusive circuits and added modern features resulting in custom amplifiers that our customers love.

We work individually with our customers, talking tone, guitars, picking out aesthetics, and showing the products come to life. We are committed to providing an excellent experience building long lasting relationships with our customers. We are looking forward to showing you why so many people choose to work with Amplified Nation.

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Customer Feedback

  • Andre M

    “I already know it’s the best amp I’ve ever played though”

    Andre M
  • Mike J.

    “I’m thinking this is the best amp I’ve ever bought. I get such a powerful punchy and glassy sound that is fantastic!”

    Mike J.
  • Chris C.

    “The amp absolutely killed it last night!  She cut through like butter and the band said it helped them hear their amps better as well...overall a bad to the bone forever amp!  Thank you my brotha!”

    Chris C.
  • Steve Y.

    “The sound guy was blow away by the huge 3D quality of my guitar tone!  He said it’s the best he’s ever heard and he’s mixed hundreds of bands!”

    Steve Y.
  • Charley F.

    “I have yet to find something that tops this amp.  It’s a thing of legend”

    Charley F.
  • Adam D.

    “The amp arrived safe and sound, and I just cancelled my plans tonight so I can stay home and play it more!  Thank you!”

    Adam D.
  • John F.

    “Incredible amp!  Taking it to the studio today!  It sounds amazing even plugged in dry!  Might be the best amp I’ve ever played!!!  Great job man you really have these things dialed in”.

    John F.
  • Glenn G.

    “Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the Wonderland Overdrive, it looks and sounds fantastic! You delivered right on time, and the attention to detail is amazing! Thank you!”

    Glenn G.
  • Scott C.

    “My Wonderland Overdrive is magnificent! Taylor is one of the best in the business to work with. He can make your dreams a reality”.

    Scott C.
  • Ryan J.

    “This is the best amp I’ve ever heard It sounds amazing to say the least”.“My Wonderland Overdrive is magnificent!  Taylor is one of the best in the business to work with. He can make your dreams a reality”.

    Ryan J.
  • Paul C.

    “I will tell you that Taylor was a complete pleasure to deal with. He is very responsive (like this amp, LOL) and super knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend anybody who is a fan of Dumble and Fender amps (who isn’t?) to check out Amplified Nation Amps - I’m sure you’ll have a similar reaction.”

    Paul C.
  • Jason M.

    “I am so completely blown away by how incredible sounding this amp is! After going through a bunch of settings, I have really spent my first few hours with the amp digging into its incredible clean channel. Honestly, may be the best amp I have ever played!”

    Jason M.
  • Pat M.

    “Nice work! The wide available tonal palette is really nice to get in a lightweight package. I’m just getting started with my discovery, but I can tell this is going to be my everything amp!”

    Pat M.
  • Omar

    "I have to say I'm pretty impressed. First off the build quality is second to none! I can tell you take great pride in the build! It's power factor is off the charts, it's definitely LOUD! I am a satisfied customer!!"

    Blaine, MN
  • Howard

    "It's been without a doubt, the most amazing amp purchase I've ever been a part of. Absolutely the best clean amp I've ever played through. If you know and love 'that tone'...you'll love this amp. Thank you!"

    Springfield, IL
  • Travis

    "Its an amazing amp, HUGE sound. Very punchy and clean, and notes ring out forever. The three-tube reverb is insane as well. Cant say enough about the good work Taylor does, and the overall customer service."

    Katy, TX